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Steinbeck Exhibit


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Pan biscuits and boiling potatoes were both items that were highly favored amongst the Okies. These are foods that were also easy to make and weren't costly. Potatoes are fast to make and you just throw them in to a pot of hot water and cook to boil. 

For the Joads family, they basically had to work with what they had. They were grateful and understood that their only options for food were from the foods they packed and were able to come up with. Thinking back to their situation makes me grateful for what I have today. They did not have much and found a way to stay above waters in order to keep their family afloat. Simple items such as potatoes or mush aided in their survival as a family. They made use of what they had and didn't take for granted of what was more important, and that was getting to California the Golden State. 

The Joads' situation reminds me of my struggling growing up and not having enough to eat out. I know it was far from what they went through but the idea was pretty much the same. I remember living off of top ramen noodles, sardines, tuna, and sliced bread. It doesn't compare to the Joads, but their situation and the hardships they faced, makes me appricaite life and what I do have more. Eating McDonald's when I as young was like them passing up the option of buuying food from the Diners. It was a tough decision, but buying food from those diners was a sacrifice they had to make and instead they ate what they had. The struggle was real.