American Pop music versus American Folk Music

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American Pop music versus American Folk Music


This exhibit will be exploring the dichotomy between American Pop music as a manefactured commidity of what the "people" should be listening to, and American folk music as a more innate essense of what the people are listening to.



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During the depression of which Grapes of Wrath is set the popular music of the time were what was leftover from the 20's which glorified the upper class "American Dream." The popular songs of the 1930's were from Gershwin, Irving Berlin and Cole…

The songs featured in this list commonly desire for better days, and explore their despair. There is a disparity between the songs since they are just coming from the ritzy 1920's Puttin on the Ritz is paired with Worried Man Blues. The list…

A jukebox image of popular songs from 1935-1939
Here are a list of popular songs from later into the 30's.

The Harmonica: Always With You
A Harmonica is easy to carry. Take it out of your hip pocket, knock it against your palm to shake out the dirt and pocket fuzz and bits of tobacco. Now it’s ready. You can do anything with harmonica: thin reedy single tone, or chords, or melody with…

The Guitar: It's A Good Box
A guitar is more precious. Must learn this thing. Fingers of the oft hand must have callous caps. Thumb of the right hand a horn of callous Stretch the left-hand fingers, stretch them like a spider's legs to get the hard pads on the frets (362.)
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