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Frederick Rueckheim
The snack was created by Frederick Rueckheim, a German immigrant, in 1893. He moved to America to help clean up after the Chicago fire and made a living selling popcorn from a stand. Not unlike the Joads, he came to the states chasing an American…

The Motto
Cracker Jack coined the motto "The More You Eat, the More You Want" in 1896 as well. It fed into the early beginnings of American consumerism and leisure in the early 1900s and for years to come. In the novel, Ruthie yearns for more after only…

Sailor Jack & Bingo
The snack's mascots are inspired by Rueckheim's nephew and a stray dog saved by Eckstein, who was a partner of the company. The mascot was not introduced until 1916, and clearly caters to children like Ruthie and Winfield.
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